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Bed bugs - credit BedBugs.org

Photo credit:  Bedbugs.org

Bed bugs could possibly rank up there with one of my worst nightmares. I’m typically not squeamish when it comes to bugs. Of course, I don’t want them taking up residence in my home, but when I see them it doesn’t make me want to burn my house down and completely lose my mind like my daughter does when it comes to spiders. However, there is something about those tiny bed bugs makes me come close to going crazy. I think it’s because they are small and hard to spot. Their flat bodies are about the size of an apple seed. They don’t fly but are quick movers. Even worse, female bed bugs can lay hundreds of eggs, which are the size of a speck of dust. One bright side is that they aren’t believed to transmit diseases.

Photo credit: Bedbugs.org

A bit of good news is that bed bugs don’t live under the skin of humans, but only bite to drink a few drops of blood while you are sleeping. Some people do have an adverse reaction causing redness and swelling, but about half of bed bug victims will not have any evidence of bites.

Photo credit:  Bedbugs.org

Even if your home is immaculate, you are not immune to getting bed bugs. They are easily transported via clothing or luggage. Many fines hotels have had issues with bed bugs due to travelers bringing them in through their luggage. Some of their favorite hiding places are mattresses, sofas, chairs, or behind pictures hanging on the walls. The only way to assure you are rid of them is being completely thorough by hiring a professional exterminator like Terminator Termite and Pest Control. Home remedies and home pesticides are less effective than hiring a professional. Bed bugs have proven to be resistant to previously used chemicals; therefore, professional pest control from a service like Terminator Termite and Pest Control is important when dealing with a bed bug infestation. Contact them today to sleep a little easier.

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