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termite swarmers on log

Although we have had very few warm and sunny days, termite season is upon us. As soon as temperatures reach about 70 degrees the young adult male and female swarmers emerge from their nests in large groups. They tend to come out after a rain as early as March or April. They can be quite annoying, but the only good thing about swarmers is they are very often the only outwardly visible signs that you have termites. Once they lose their wings, they search out a place to start a nest, mate and begin rearing the first group of workers. These guys have been busy all winter, eating away at wood 24 hours a day and seven days a week.

How do you identify termite swarmers? Their bodies are dark-colored and about 3/8” long. They have two pairs of wings that appear to be “gauzy” as they are semi-transparent. The difference between them and ant swarmers is that their wings are identical and extend beyond the body to twice the length of it. An ant swarmer’s wings are different sizes with the front one being longer than the back one. An ant swarmer’s body appears to be pinched at the “waist” and “neck” creating three body parts. A termite swarmer’s body is only two parts with the back being long and straight. The antennae or “feelers” resemble a string of little globular beads.

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