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It’s hard to believe we are entering the last month of summer, but don’t worry because there is still plenty of time for summer fun, which means there is still plenty of summer pests such as ants, flies, gnats, roaches, and wasps. How do you keep those summer pests out of your home?

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scary spider

For my daughter, a spider is a spider, is a spider. It doesn’t matter if it is poisonous or not. If she sees one near her, that poor thing made the wrong choice because it’s going to be dead in a matter of two seconds flat or she will just leave the room or, you know, burn the house down. In fact, back when she was about 14 years old she was home alone and a spider was in her room.

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These last few months have involved us moving our daughter from her campus apartment earlier than expected due to COVID-19, us moving into a new home, and finally, our oldest daughter making a move to relocate for her job. Besides a lot of hard work, these moves have involved a lot of cardboard boxes. I feel like I have been dealing with boxes for most of this year. Somehow, it seems as if boxes and cockroaches go hand in hand because it never fails at least one makes its way into your home via one of those boxes. These guys easily flatten their bodies and wiggle their way into the corrugated layers of the box and go virtually unnoticed until they suddenly appear scurrying across your floor. The last thing anyone wants to deal with is a roach problem. Besides being a nuisance, they spread germs, bacteria, and filth everywhere they go.

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The official start of summer is just a few days away and the temperature is rising and so is the population of unwanted insects. Ants seem to be one of those summer pests that can invade quickly. Have you ever noticed that you rarely ever see just one ant, it seems as if you see hundreds? It’s like they appear out of nowhere to form a marching parade across your kitchen counter. There are a few simple steps you can take to keep the ant parade out of your home.

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COVID-19 test tube

As we enter June that means barbeques, outdoor events, and fun in the sun. Unfortunately, it also means mosquitoes and ticks. One question that seems to be coming up quite frequently lately is whether or not these pests can transmit COVID-19 to humans. At this time, the CDC says that they do not have any data to suggest it is spread by mosquitoes and ticks. All information available to them still indicates that COVID-19 spreads from person to person. This past April Pest World published a similar article stating something similar. The National Pest Management Association’s chief entomologist made a similar statement, “At this time, there is currently no evidence to suggest that pests like mosquitoes and ticks can be implicated in the transmission of COVID-19.” He did, however, go on to say that, these pests are able to transmit other serious diseases that include West Nile Virus and Lyme disease. Although they do not transmit COVID-19, you still need to protect yourself and your family from these pests.

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