Avoiding Christmas Pests

“It’s that time, Christmas time is here everybody knows, there’s not a better time of year. Hear that sleigh, Santa’s on his way hip, hip, hooray for Christmas vacation…” Do you recognize that song? I’m sure you do. It’s from the popular movie, Christmas Vacation.


Watching this movie is a Thanksgiving night tradition. One of our favorite scenes is when the squirrel jumps out of the tree. I have to admit that every year when we bring our fresh tree home, I can’t help but think about that scene and wonder if there is some sort of wildlife living in our tree. I’m happy to say that we’ve never had a squirrel or anything like that living in our tree, there is always a risk of bringing spiders, rodents and insects into the home when any kind of live greenery is brought indoors. According to The National Pest Management Association, there could be up to 25,000 bugs in one tree. Wow! They offer the following tips to avoid a Christmas Vacation fiasco to ruin your holidays:

  • Inspect live, fresh-cut trees, wreaths and garlands for spiders, rodents, insect nests or eggs before purchasing.
  • Shake the greenery outdoors to aid in removing pests before they make it inside.
  • Pests also love to hide in holiday decoration boxes that have been stored away all year. It is best to unpack them outdoors if possible.
  • When the holidays are over and you take down the tree, do not discard it near the outside of your home as doing so will attract mice, termites and other pests.

If you suspect your home has been invaded by unwelcome holiday guests…well, let’s rephrase that. I’m not talking about Cousin Eddie… for unwelcome guests of the insect and rodent type, give Terminator Termite and Pest Control a call today! Happy Holidays!