Debunking Termite Myths

There are many myths out there about termites and The Terminator is here to help you debunk those myths!


Myth #1 – A brick house on a concrete slab is safe from termites. That is 100% false The vast majority of homes have wooden frames, therefore, you are at risk of termite infestation. Check out a past blog detailing how termites can enter through more than just wood. If you are building a new home, you need to have a subterranean pretreat completed to help avoid getting termites in your new home. If you are financing the home, most lenders will require that this be done. The pre-treat is completed after the footings are dug and the plumbing is roughed-in, but before the concrete pad is poured. Ideally, the pre-treat and the slab should be poured on the same day to maximize the pretreatment.


MYTH #2 – A home pretreated for termites before construction will not get termites. False! Most termite treatments have a one-year warranty with an option to extend. It is very important to keep up with annual termite treatments. See our past blog about the importance of annual termite inspections.


MYTH #3 – Since your neighbor had termites and treated for them, now they will move to your house. This one is not a cut and dry false response. If your home has been properly treated for termites, they will not safely cross the chemical barrier to infest your home. However, termite colonies are huge and typically contain between 60,000 and 1 million termites. This means that several houses in one neighborhood can share one termite colony. If your home is not properly treated and you happen to share a colony with your neighbor, it can make them more active in your home that is already infested.


MYTH #4 – Termites are useless and serve no purpose. False, again. They are actually natural recyclers and very important to the ecosystem. Pretty incredible, really. They break down dead wood in forests and turn it into nutrient-rich soil to help plants grow.


MYTH #5 – DIY termite treatment and spraying the ground and other surfaces outside your home can kill termites. False. The only way to eliminate termites is to kill the colony below the terrain. You must kill the queen to eradicate termite problems. Professional exterminators use chemicals sold only to professionals. Treatments you make yourself cannot only be dangerous when handling, but they are also most likely not as effective.

Whether you are building a new home and need a pre-treat or have an existing home needing a treatment, contact Terminator Termite & Pest Control for a free estimate, 479.783.6200. The Terminator is licensed and bonded in both Arkansas and Oklahoma.