Don't Be Fooled by the Colder Temperatures

As the temperatures drop outside you may be fooled into thinking that termites will either hibernate or be killed off by the cold temperatures. Unfortunately, the cold temps can make your home even more of a target because termites are seeking warmth from your home. It’s true they aren’t as active and don’t swarm until the spring, but they aren’t dormant and don’t hibernate for the winter. Instead, they retreat to their nests until the temperatures warm up.


Subterranean termites usually go further underground, however, if it’s a mild winter with little freezing as we’ve had in the past few years here in Arkansas and Oklahoma, termites will stay closer to the surface. This is when termites may find their way under your foundation and become just as active as in the summer months.


Your home makes the perfect winter retreat for termites as it will provide the three Ws – Wood, Water, and Warmth – helping them thrive. They will continue to feed on the cellulose of wood structures while homeowners are completely unaware.


Another area that termites tend to be drawn to is firewood piles. Storing the firewood up off the ground and away from the exterior of your home will decrease the chances of them finding their way indoors. You should also be mindful of burning firewood brought into your home immediately to avoid letting termites inside.

Maintaining an effective year-round termite prevention and control program is essential to keeping termites from being active and widespread in your home. Give Terminator Termite and Pest Control a call, 479.783.6200, today to talk about ways to help protect your it from termite infestations and damage.