As the leaves begin to fall and the temperatures drop, there is a greater possibility of mice seeking shelter in your home. Mice and all rodents seek warmth, shelter, and a solid food source. To keep your home from becoming a rodent haven this winter, it’s best to take action now and address minor maintenance items.


1. Repair cracks and holes – Although mice average 2 1/2-inches long, they can fit through an opening about the size of a quarter! A few places to check for holes, gaps, and openings are:

  • Window screens
  • Gaps around windows and doors
  • Cracks in the foundation
  • Entrance points for phone, cable, and gas lines

2. Check kitchen and bathroom plumbing for leaks. Mice and rodents are also after a water supply for survival.

  • Don’t store torn or ripped bags or boxes of food. It’s best to store in airtight containers to keep mice from being able to access. Keep crumbs cleaned from countertops and floors. Be aware of birdfeeders outdoors as they will attract mice and other rodents.

Keep storage areas neat and tidy. If you must store paper, fabric, and other items, it’s best to store in a plastic storage tote. Mice like to create nests with piles of clothes, magazines, newspapers, and any other material they can find.

By taking a few easy steps now, you can help avoid a problem later. If you do find yourself with a mouse or rodent infestation, contact the professionals at Terminator Termite & Pest Control, 479.783.6200.


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