Historic Buildings Can Have More Pest Problems

Historic buildings have a character that most modern buildings can’t replicate. From the detailed craftsmanship to the architecture, their charm and cultural significance are uncanny. Unfortunately, because of their age, they can have more pest problems than modern buildings. There are a couple of reasons for this. One is that modern buildings have more advanced pest control measures used from the beginning of construction, as the foundation is required to be pre-treated for termites whereas historic properties were most likely regulated under outdated code and pest control techniques. The other reason is that the longer a building has existed the more time pests have to burrow into its infrastructure. Other pest issues specific to older buildings are:

  • Structural issues caused by age, leaking pipes, natural damage, and other naturally occurring factors allowing pests to gain access to the structure.
  • Outdated pest control substances used were often toxic and ineffective.
  • Many historic properties can go through a period of non-maintenance before they are revived to their glory. During the period of neglect, pest control is very often eliminated giving pests plenty of time to establish colonies and infest a property.

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