How Do Termites Cause So Much Damage

Although homeowners and business owners believe termites can cause costly damage, it is often hard for them to understand just exactly how these pests that measure between one-quarter and one-half inch can do so much harm to a structure. One problem with termites is that they don’t discriminate. They don’t care what type of construction it is, because they are looking for food and cellulose used in buildings is a favored food source.


Cellulose is the most common naturally occurring compound on earth made of sugar molecules. Wood is used in construction because of its extremely durable compound, cellulose. This what termites are ingesting when they feed on the wood. Termites are rare in that there are not many organisms in the world that produce the enzymes required to properly break down cellulose into a digestible substance.


One of the biggest reasons termites can do so much damage to a structure is because they do all their hard work out of view, so it is very difficult for the untrained professional to spot them. Termites do not hold back and will eat away at support beams, floor joists, posts, ceiling joists, and wall studs. All of these components are vital to the stability of a structure and very costly to repair. If superficial termite damage can be seen by the naked eye, there is a very strong chance that there is much greater damage beneath. The only termites you will typically see are the swarmers during the early spring looking to move on and make new colonies as they leave behind their wings after they shed them.


Call Terminator Termite and Pest Control to have your home inspected for termites before the damage is done costing you thousands. The professional staff member will inspect your property for existing termites and make a plan of action for you. If no termites are found, you can move on with the competitively -priced maintenance plan. An ounce of prevention can go a long way in saving you money and headaches in the future.