How to Prevent a Cockroach Invasion

Cockroaches are not just a pest you don’t want anywhere near your home, they carry germs because they love to live near sewers, drains, and garbage. They are also known for carrying pathogens in their bodies that cause serious diseases such as Salmonella Typhi (causes Typhoid), Poliomyelitis (causes Polio) and Dysentery, which is severe diarrhea that may include bleeding. Needless to say, a cockroach problem is something you do not want. Their slim, flat bodies allow them to hide easily and to top it off, they are fast runners.


In order to prevent a cockroach invasion, you need to be aware of what attracts a cockroach to your home.

  • A home offers a cockroach everything it could ever want---food, warmth, moisture and shelter from the elements. They are scavengers looking for all of these things. Dirty homes offer an even more perfect environment. Keep food cleaned off the counters after meals, try to keep the sink free of dirty dishes and vacuum regularly to keep crumbs off the floor. Once they discover a good supply of food, they are more likely to take up residence.
  • Avoid moist environments such as leaving damp towels and bathmats on the bathroom floor. Fix leaky pipes as soon as possible to avoid attracting cockroaches.
  • They are notorious for entering your home by way of cardboard boxes. They are great at maneuvering their bodies between the corrugation and crevices inside the cardboard. If you are bringing cardboard boxes into your home, try to shake them out and inspect before bringing them inside.

Sure, there are tons of old wives’ tales out there about getting rid of roaches, but your best bet is to hire a professional pest control company like Terminator Termite and Pest Control, keep your home as clean as possible and clean up quickly after food messes.

Don’t delay in calling the Terminator, because cockroaches are a problem year-round. However, they prefer the heat and humidity in the summer, so that means you should be vigilant from the time it gets warm until it gets cold.