It's Summer and the Scorpions Are Out

The heat of the summer months leaves us all looking for a little relief and in search of a cool place to relax and stay hydrated. Scorpions are like us in that when the heat rises they search out water, food, and shelter to survive. If you live in an area that has rocky terrain or an area that is prone to scorpions, you are likely to see them scurrying around looking for food and water.


Scorpions are unlike most other pests as the typical pesticides do not have much effect on them. However, there are some professional insecticides that help keep them controlled. Additionally, it is important to effectively control other pests that provide food sources for them, such as crickets, ants, and roaches. It is also important to seal off common entry points to the inside of your home. Common entry points are doors, windows, and vents. Some scorpion species can flatten themselves down to 1/16” of an inch! You can see why it is important to keep those crevices and cracks sealed off as tightly as possible.


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