It's Termite Storm Season

It’s severe storm season here in the River Valley. Another storm you may not be aware of is termite season. Although these guys are tiny, they are mighty because they can cause some major damage to your home. They are often called ‘silent destroyers’ because they can work away for a very long time without being noticed. Termites are responsible for cumulatively costing homeowners more than $5 billion in property damage annually.


There is a misconception that termites don’t like particularly rainy seasons. While they typically invade homes during dry seasons, they also love rainfall. We all know that the last few years around here have been quite rainy, not to mention the historic flooding we experienced last year so we need to pay extra attention to potential termite infestations. What makes the rainfall so beneficial for a termite infestation?

  • Termite swarmers’ main job is to reproduce and create new colonies. The damp soil makes it easier for them to dig tunnels in the soil into structures.
  • Termites can thrive in moist or hot environments.
  • The rainfall makes the wood soft and easy to chew through.

What makes matters worse is that homeowner’s insurance policies don’t usually cover termite damage or removal as termite infestations are considered to be preventable through regular home maintenance. After inspecting your structure, one of Terminator Termite and Pest Control professional exterminators will make suggestions on how you can prevent water damage and pest-harboring sites. Some of which are:

  • Seal leaks and cracks in roofs, siding, doors, windows, and home foundations.
  • Clean up any areas of flooding as soon as you notice them.
  • Check faucets and dripping or sweating pipes.
  • Clean gutters regularly.

Call Terminator Termite and Pest Control today to set-up your termite prevention plan. If you think you may already have an infestation, no worries, Terminator can take care of the extermination as well and then put you on a guaranteed termite-free maintenance plan.