It’s Winter and The Ants Are Still Here

Just because summer is over doesn’t mean that you might not have an ant problem. In fact, during the cold, wet months they are more likely to invite themselves into your home. Ants are cold-blooded and your home is a fantastic shelter for them. They are also looking for a food source as outdoor plants and grains become scarce in the winter. To keep ants out of your home follow these simple tips:

  • Clean countertops immediately keeping them free from crumbs and spills.
  • Keep floors swept and vacuumed to keep crumbs off the floors and wipe up spills immediately.
  • Toasters are an ant’s dream as they hold lots of crumbs. Cleaning them after each use will avoid an ant infestation.
  • Store ripe fruit in the fridge and all other food in airtight containers.
  • Clean trash cans weekly with soap and water.
  • Clean pet bowls regularly and sweep up any spilled food around them. Keep pet food in a sealed container.
  • Check for gaps, cracks, and crevices around your home that might allow ants to get inside. Ants can enter your home from cracks around windows and doors, cable, pipe and wire entry points. Keep these areas sealed.
  • Move materials such as piles of lumber that may serve as nesting sites away from your home’s foundation.

Just because you don’t see ants scurrying about your home doesn’t mean that you don’t have an ant problem. In fact, you could be sharing your home with hundreds of ants because they are likely hiding in your walls, floors or hidden in your cabinets. Call Terminator Termite and Pest Control to help you determine if you have an ant problem and ensure that they are effectively treated. They will come out and give you a free estimate to assure you don’t have these unwelcomed winter guests.