Keeping Pets Safe From Insect & Spider Bites

When we think of our pets, we often associate ticks and fleas, but there are other insects that can harm them. Yes, ticks and fleas are a big cause for concern and not something I want my dogs to have nor carry into my home. However, we should also be thinking about the harm other insects could do to them. We used to have a little Shih Tzu named Boomer, and he was stung by a scorpion. I seriously thought it killed him because he fell straight over and became paralyzed for a short time. Of course, we rushed him to the vet where he administered a large dose of an antihistamine. Fortunately, he was fine after a day or so, but it sure was scary. I have also known of dogs dying from brown recluse bites, so we really must be vigilant in keeping our pets safe from insect and spider bites.


Just like humans, animals are susceptible to insect and spider bites including mosquitoes. However, in addition to feeling the same sting we feel, they are also susceptible to heartworms. The mosquito bite itself is not usually a problem for a pet; it is the lasting harm of heartworm disease as mosquitos commonly carry the heartworm larvae, which can be transmitted to your pet. For heartworm prevention, contact your veterinarian for the appropriate heartworm medication, but for mosquito prevention contact a professional pest exterminator.


To keep your pets and all of their humans that care for them safe from insect and spider bites, have your home professionally treated to help keep the bugs away. Give Terminator Termite and Pest Control a call today at 479.783.6200.