Keeping Summer Pests Out of Your Home

It’s hard to believe we are entering the last month of summer, but don’t worry because there is still plenty of time for summer fun, which means there is still plenty of summer pests such as ants, flies, gnats, roaches, and wasps. How do you keep those summer pests out of your home?

  • Never leave any areas of standing water around your home. Standing water attracts all sorts of pests especially mosquitoes.
  • Try to eliminate any potential hiding places for pests by keeping landscaping trimmed, maintained, and avoid stacking wood or other materials near your home.
  • Be sure to throw away overripe fruit and vegetables to avoid gnats taking over your home. If you have ever had a gnat problem, you will do everything you can to avoid it ever happening again.
  • Keeping countertops wiped down and floors swept or vacuumed will aid in keeping pests away.
  • My pets love to eat, but to avoid a roach or ant problem; I don’t leave their food bowls out for long periods of time.
  • Don’t let garbage pile up.
  • A little maintenance around your home can go a long way in keeping pests out. Replace weather-stripping around windows and repair any loose mortar around the foundation. Any little cracks around your home should be sealed up. Insects can get in through the tiniest of spaces.
  • Get your home sprayed regularly by a professional pest control company like Terminator Termite and Pest Control.
  • If you already have a pest problem, it is best to contact a professional. They know exactly how to get rid of each type of pest. Treatment isn’t always the same for every pest.

Following this advice will help eliminate pest activity in and around your home. Terminator Termite and Pest Control will happily send a professional team member to your home to determine the best plan for you. Call for service today at 479.783.6200.