Moving and Cockroaches

These last few months have involved us moving our daughter from her campus apartment earlier than expected due to COVID-19, us moving into a new home, and finally, our oldest daughter making a move to relocate for her job. Besides a lot of hard work, these moves have involved a lot of cardboard boxes. I feel like I have been dealing with boxes for most of this year. Somehow, it seems as if boxes and cockroaches go hand in hand because it never fails at least one makes its way into your home via one of those boxes. These guys easily flatten their bodies and wiggle their way into the corrugated layers of the box and go virtually unnoticed until they suddenly appear scurrying across your floor. The last thing anyone wants to deal with is a roach problem. Besides being a nuisance, they spread germs, bacteria, and filth everywhere they go.


Once the cockroaches enter your home, they prefer to live in dark, moist areas behind refrigerators, sinks, other appliances, and inside wall cracks. They have the ability to flatten their bodies and can fit in small areas. They will literally eat anything as they have an active metabolism. In addition to their metabolism, they can infest a home quickly because they are very aggressive breeders. Visible signs you have a roach problem is roach feces. It varies from tiny specks that look like pepper, brown stains, and coffee grounds to oval pellets similar to that of mouse droppings. These droppings are what cause the contamination with germs and bacteria on countertops and other surfaces. Their saliva and vomit are also responsible for spreading these dangerous germs and bacteria.


To avoid a cockroach problem in your home, give Terminator Termite and Pest Control a call. They will set you up on a regular pesticide schedule to keep your home roach free. If you have been doing a lot of moving with boxes in and out of your home, you probably want to go ahead and give them a call today.