Weekend outdoor barbeques and dinners are sometimes just what the doctor ordered after a long work week. There’s something special about eating dinner al fresco, but what is not special are when unwelcomed visitors like flies and mosquitos decide to crash the party. In addition to having the interior and exterior of your home professionally treated by a reputable pest control company on a regular basis, there are a few plants you can add to your outdoor space to ensure peaceful dining.


According to EatingWell, citronella, lavender, Marigolds, Nasturtiums, rosemary, basil, and mint help repel bugs and mosquitos.

Citronella is a grass that can grow up to six feet tall and six feet wide. Citronella candles and topical products are not as effective as the plant due to the oils evaporating quickly and only lasting a few hours.


Lavender is a wonderful fragrant plant that is often known for its calming effect and aid to a good night’s sleep, but this wonderful smelling plant also helps deter mosquitos.


Marigolds are not the sweetest smelling flowers, but they are excellent at deterring inspects. In addition to repelling inspects, its beautiful, colorful flowers bloom all summer long and are relatively low maintenance.


Nasturtiums attract pests to draw them away from you. Many gardeners will companion plant them to protect cucumbers, tomatoes, squash, and other garden favorites from pests like beetles and flies.


Rosemary is an aromatic mosquito repellent. It also doubles as a wonderful seasoning for cooking.


Basil is another favorite for cooking, especially a delicious homemade Margherita pizza. Besides its wonderful flavor, basil leaves have compounds that can kill mosquito larvae before they hatch helping to reduce the number of mosquitos.


Mint plants have the active insect-fighting ingredient of menthol helping to repel and control mites, mosquitos, and other pests. It is also refreshing to add to water or other summertime drinks.

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