Summer Pests

Summer is here and one thing we all love about the warm days is all the outdoor activities like pool parties, barbeques and picnics. One thing we all hate about summer is all the pests that go along with it. As the temperature rises, so does the population of unwanted insects. The pests not only annoy us outdoors, but also can make their way into our homes.


Common insects that thrive in the summer are:

  • Mosquitoes can probably run people indoors from a good barbeque quicker than anything can. They love standing water and the hot, humid air. The best way to break the reproduction cycle is to get rid of standing water and kill the adults.
  • Ants are a big problem, because one crumb of food dropped on the ground can suddenly cause an army of ants to march through your home during the hot summer months. Ants are on a constant hunt for food to feed their growing colonies and to save up reserves for the fall. To help prevent an army from overtaking your home, keep things clean and have the interior and the exterior of your home sprayed regularly.
  • Ticks are a particularly dangerous problem for both pets and humans. They can cause humans to fall ill with Lyme disease, which can be deadly for some. The mild winters and increase in rodent and deer problems have caused a recent surge in the tick population. Fleas seam to go hand in hand with ticks. Both can be carried into your home on either humans or pets. The best advice is to keep your pets treated with a good flea and tick control and have your yard and home treated regularly.

There are many other annoying, uninvited guests in the summer months, but never fail! The crew at Terminator Termite & Pest Control are here to help with all your pest control needs. Whether you are dealing with an ant invasion, overpopulation of spiders, scorpions, cockroaches or any other summer pest, they have the right treatment plans tailored to fit your individual needs. Their technicians are licensed, highly trained and average nine years’ experience in the business. Summer pest control is only a phone call away! Give them a call, 479.783.6200, or