Take Care of Spring Pests Now

The calendar has just marked the beginning of spring. The green grass and spring blooms are a welcome sight to the dreary winter browns. However, an unwelcome sight is the return of many pests such as carpenter ants, flies, mosquitoes, and spiders.


Just like we increase our outdoor time, the warmer temperatures signal for the pests to come out of hibernation. Now is the perfect time to prepare your home and combat pests proactively.


Much like termites, carpenter ants can invade your home causing similar damage by destroying wood. Unlike termites, the do not eat the wood while tunnelling, they remove it to create the tunnels and nesting areas. Carpenter ants can enter your home through piping, foundation, cracks, attic vents, telephone lines, and electrical wires.


Don’t wait until the summer months to start combating mosquitos, spring is the time. Things you can do to help prevent mosquitos around your home are removing all sources of standing water, trimming shrubs and keeping the lawn mowed, and clearing away yard debris.


Spring rains not only bring flowers, but also termite swarmers. Signs of a termite infestation are termite mounds, hollow-sounding wood, sagging floors and/or ceilings, mud tubes on exterior walls, crumbling wood of any structure type, and discarded swarmer wings.


Spiders also love the spring. They can get into your home through poorly sealed windows and doors and boxes.

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