Termite Inspection - Don't Buy A House Without One

The housing market is hot, and many people are taking advantage by buying or selling their homes. Once an offer is accepted there are several things that will occur to execute the transaction particularly if a lender is involved.


One of those things is a termite inspection. Some people think it only applies to older homes, but it is important even if you are buying a new home. A termite inspection will reveal if a home has been damaged by termites and/or infested. If it has any structural damage the lending institution will require the property be treated and any structural damage repaired by a licensed termite control company.


Even if you are paying cash for a home, it is important to get a termite inspection, because as you know, termites are responsible for a significant amount of damage to properties every year. The annual cost for treating and repairing termite damage in the US is estimated between $1 billion to $5 billion!

Once the inspection is complete, the termite inspector will provide a termite certification that will state the condition of the home. If there is any damage, the inspector will list any damage and make recommendations as to repairs and treatment. If evidence of underground termite infestation is found, the inspector will also recommend a treatment plan.

Annual termite inspections will prevent surprises like this, so it is important that every homeowner keep up their annual inspection. Terminator Termite and Pest Control Services provides thorough termite inspections and offers both residential and commercial treatments. Call today, 479.783.6200.