Termite Season is Here

Spring has sprung which means the termites will soon be swarming (basically, flying termites). After the last freeze, usually when temperatures reach about 70 degrees, the young adult male and female swarmers emerge from their nests in large groups. These swarms and their shed wings left behind are often the only visible signs of these pests.


Termite swarmers and ant swarmers are often confused, as they do look somewhat similar. The termite swarmer has straight and slightly curved antennae; the ant swarmer has bent antennae. The termite swarmer has two identical sets of wings and the ant swarmers’ wings are two different sizes. Additionally, the termite’s wings are bigger than their body. The body of the termite swarmer is straight and only two parts, the ant swarmer has a pinched waist with three body parts. Termite swarmers are generally tan or beige.


These guys are not only annoying when they flock around the house on rainy days, but they lead to an even bigger problem if your home is not treated properly. Termite swarms can be a strong sign that an infestation in your house has become severe. Termite swarmers’ sole purpose is to reproduce, as they are the only fertile termites. They are born because the colony has grown big enough to expand. Once they are born, they are relocated to parts of the nest that are a close proximity to above ground.


Although we say it is termite season, in reality, termites are a problem year-round as many people are under the assumption that termites are only a problem in the spring, but some termite species can remain active, although out of sight, year-round, especially in warmer climates. This means that termites can be at work, eating away at wood 24 hours a day, 365 days a year! Termite swarmers are produced during winter and early spring and it only takes a couple of weeks for them to reproduce.


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