Termites Can Enter Through More Than Just Wood

You may think that termites can only enter a structure through wood at the ground level, but that is not true. Termites are able to cross many feet of brick, concrete, metal termite shields, and treated wood through mud tubes that they build. These mud tubes make it possible for them to reach the upper floors of a structure as well as lower levels. They can find their way into a concrete foundation through cracks and cracks in brick mortar. They will also use the holes in concrete blocks to travel through foundation walls.


Subterranean termites are most commonly found in our part of the country, whereas drywood termites are not native to this area. Subterranean termites don’t actually like living in wood, they prefer to live underground in the soil, which is why they are called subterranean. Their colonies are built underground and will contain between 60,000 and 1,000,000 termites! Each colony is divided into three levels of termite society, a caste system:


    Worker termites are wingless and have hardened mouthparts. It must remain in a moist environment to avoid drying out. The worker termites will either remain in the colony to do general repair and maintence work and care for the queen and eggs or they will forage for food away from the main nest. The foraging is done through the mud tubes so they can travel back and forth from the nest to the colony while remaining protected. They will continue to build the mud tubes out to forage for more food.


    Soldiers defend the nest. Their biggest enemy is the ant. To defend the nest these soldier termites have distinctly shaped head and are bigger than workers. They communicate danger to the colony by banging their heads against tunnel walls and creating vibrations.


    Reproductives are vital for keeping the termite colony viable and successful. The king and queen will start the colony by mating after leaving a colony, usually in a swarm. See this past blog to read more about swarmers.

    To combat termites, it is important to cut off their points of entry. This is done through termite extermination and addressing areas within the structure---fixing plumbing leaks, repairing cracks and so forth. The Terminator will gladly come out to your home or business and develop a plan to help you get rid of your termite problem or a plan to keep them away from your home. Call (479) 783-6200 for a free estimate!