The Importance of Annual Termite Inspections

People know that termites can be invading their home or business for a while before there are any outward signs, yet many people do not have an annual termite inspection to ensure there are no termites causing damage.


Terminator Termite and Pest Control likes to think of this annual inspection as an annual well check-up, sort of like your annual well check-up with your physician. It’s about prevention and revealing a problem before it gets out of hand and much more costly to fix because termites do not just come by the hundreds, they come in colonies of millions! Termites do not sleep; literally, they eat away at your home or business all day long every day.


A Terminator Termite and Pest Control inspector can identify your home’s construction and make custom treatment recommendations that will effectively control a subterranean termite population. One of the things the inspector will look for is whether or not there are any woodpiles around your home or pier beneath the home that extends all the way down into the dirt. The grade of the yard is also an area of concern if it rises above the base of the foundation. For homes with crawl spaces, the inspector will look for tubes of mud under the home. By identifying these potential termite prone areas, the inspector will make preventative suggestions to assure you don’t get termites. If you already have termites, he or she will develop a plan to get rid of them.

After this initial inspection and the proper steps have been taken to exterminate any termites, you will need to have your home or business checked every year.


You may have seen something referencing a termite bond. A termite bond is a warranty between you and a termite company, sort of like a maintenance contract. It will consist of two parts:

  1. An agreement for termite inspections as long as the contract lasts. Inspection times, i.e., quarterly, yearly or an agreed upon schedule.
  2. An agreement to provide treatment and control if termites are discovered. This is where the ‘bond’ part comes in. If you have a termite bond with a reputable company, the services to treat the termites is covered by the bond; therefore, the homeowner does not have to pay extra.

Termite bonds not only provide the current homeowner peace of mind, but they also serve an important purpose when buying or selling a home. Most lenders will require at a minimum a termite inspection. Certain loans like FHA and VA mortgages specifically require pest inspection, so termite bonds can help homebuyers qualify for these loans as well making your home marketable to more people.

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