Was That a White Roach?

Have you seen a ghostly-looking roach lurking around your home or business? It is quite rare to see a white roach but not unheard of. Some people call them albino roaches, but there is no such thing as an albino roach. Is this a new species? No, it’s actually just a regular old cockroach that is newly molted. When an insect molts it comes out white and stays that color until the new exoskeleton has time to harden.


The number of molts varies by species, but juvenile cockroaches go through seven to eight molts before reaching adulthood. Molting is an important part of a roach’s life cycle in order to become bigger and reach adulthood. Along with adulthood comes more destructive and mating capacity, which is what no home or business owner wants to hear.


The reason they are rarely seen in their white appearance is because it only takes a few hours for them to harden and darken. Additionally, this phase with the softer shell, makes them vulnerable, which causes them to be extra cautious. One thing is for certain, if you do see them, you most likely have a cockroach infestation that is growing. You should take notice and call a professional exterminator before the problem becomes worse. Terminator Termite and Pest Control experts have the necessary skills to track down roaches and other pests by treating their favorite hiding spots. Give them a call today at 479.783.6200 or complete the online contact form.