Wasp Prevention

When I think of wasps, I always think of my mom. I know. Weird, right? It’s funny how odd little things make us think of loved ones. You see, she was deathly allergic to red wasps. So much so that she was terrified to go outside her home to do any type of gardening or yard work.


I’m not saying she was homebound or anything like that, but the fear of being stung by a red wasp definitely dictated many of the things she did outdoors. I sure do wish we had known about Terminator Termite and Pest Control’s innovative wasp prevention because it seems like those wasps can search out and find the people that are allergic to them.


In early 2014, Terminator developed a new product and application method that eliminated (yes, that is correct…eliminated) wasps from setting up nests on a structure. Before offering it to all their customers, they tested the product out on an average-size home, located in a heavily wooded area that continually fought an extreme wasp infestation every year. The homeowner had tried every product out there for over a decade. That all changed, when Terminator tested out their new product on their home. The results were phenomenal because beginning in the spring and lasting until late fall the home’s wasp problem was solved! They had NO wasp problem after treatment! The wasps did not build nests around the home and very few wasps were seen flying near the home until late November. Even when the wasps were spotted in late November, there were very few and still, NO nests were built. They were looking for homes to set up shop for the winter months, but not at this home! They would fly away from the home.


If you have wasp problem or want to prevent one from happening, contact Terminator Termite Pest Control today, 479.783.6200. They will be happy to come to your home, give an assessment, and an estimate on your wasp prevention.