What Was That? A Tick or Scorpion?

Is it a tick or is it a scorpion? Maybe you’ve seen them around and weren’t quite sure what they were. More than likely you’ve seen a pseudoscorpion. This insect is like a really small scorpion without a tail or stinger. They do have venom glands in their claws used to kill food sources such as tiny mites and springtails. Fortunately, they don’t pose a threat to humans or pets as they don’t have the strength to pierce a human or pet’s skin.


Pseudoscorpions are quite interesting as they are very small. They do not have wings, which makes traveling large distances difficult. They often hitch a ride on the backs of beetles or other insects. They can also make their own silk, but do not spin webs or use it to catch prey like a spider would, but rather use it to build a cocoon for shelter to protect them from the cold. The most likely places you will find them in your home are between book pages, the bathroom, and the laundry room. In the outdoors they can be found in rotten logs, leaf-letter, at the water’s edge, in caves, woods, and under rocks.


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