Why Are There More Spiders in September?

Have you noticed an increase in spiders during September? Although you may notice them more, there are not necessarily suddenly more spiders, just more sightings. Most spiders live for just one year. They hatch from eggs in the spring, grow and mature during the warmer months, reach maturity in summer or fall and seek mates to reproduce. The reason for more sightings is that the males are looking for female mates. After mating, the females lay eggs in an egg sac and most of the mature spiders die. The cycle resumes in the spring when the eggs hatch. This is the general cycle of spiders, of course, some species and occurrences can deviate a bit, but overall this is how a spider’s life cycle goes.


Our part of the country hosts a variety of spiders; therefore, there are many different places they can be found within a home.

  • One of the most obvious signs of spiders is the spider web or cobweb that are generally found in corners within the home.
  • Many spiders tend to like moist environments. This type of environment offers a good food source for them because many other insects tend to live here.

How can you prevent spiders from setting up shop in your home?


Keep them outdoors by sealing cracks with caulk preventing access to the inside of your home.


Don’t forget that chimneys provide easy access to your home. You can cover the chimney with a mesh insect screen to keep spiders out.


Keep vegetation off and away from your home. Vegetation provides the perfect hiding spot for not only spiders but also a variety of other pests. Clearing the vegetation off the home eliminates transit lines into the home.


Keep the interior of your home clean and vacuum any spider webs found to keep the spiders from laying eggs resulting in an infestation.

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