Winter Pest Maintenance

Many people believe that they don’t need pest control in the cold winter months because many pests such as wasps and scorpions aren’t in sight. However, a little continued pest maintenance in the winter months will help homeowners prepare for the warmer weather. Some pests like to hibernate in your home during the colder weather. Spiders and rodents tend to make their way indoors and take up residence creating a problem for all the humans living in the home.


There are few minor maintenance things you can do to avoid a spider and rodent infestation this winter.

  • Keep webs removed as spiders are likely to try to infest if their webs aren’t disturbed.
  • Monitor crawl spaces and attics for rodent signs such as droppings and any activity of nest building.
  • Seal any cracks that may allow pests to enter your home.

A professional exterminator can provide a full attic treatment eliminating pests that remain dormant until the warmer months. This maintenance now will avoid the headache of an extensive treatment when the weather warms up.

The winter months are not a time to relax your professional pest control services. In fact, winter is one of the best times to apply pesticides as factors like light, heat, and moisture are less likely to interfere and break down the pesticides. Call Terminator Termite and Post Control, 479.783.6200, today to speak to a professional staff member and schedule a consultation. Terminator is licensed in Arkansas and Oklahoma.