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Cockroaches are not just a pest you don’t want anywhere near your home, they carry germs because they love to live near sewers, drains, and garbage. They are also known for carrying pathogens in their bodies that cause serious diseases such as Salmonella Typhi (causes Typhoid), Poliomyelitis (causes Polio) and Dysentery, which is severe diarrhea that may include bleeding. Needless to say, a cockroach problem is something you do not want. Their slim, flat bodies allow them to hide easily and to top it off, they are fast runners.

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Summer is the time for all things outdoors from hiking to cookouts to late summer nights around the campfire. Unfortunately, summer is also a time for fleas. Fleas are especially problematic if you have pets that run around the yard and then come inside. Fleas have a way of making their way into your home via the family pet and it seems as if a flea infestation can appear overnight. That is why it is extremely important to have your house and yard sprayed by a professional exterminator.

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Have you ever seen the memes on social media with the burning house behind the homeowner holding a blowtorch and the caption is, “There was a spider.” Yeah, that is my daughter. She is absolutely terrified of spiders. I am pretty sure she would rather burn the place down than let a spider roam free in her bedroom. That’s why we don’t miss a single pest control appointment because I don’t want to come home to find my home burnt to the ground due to a spider sighting! Plus, Gracie will not step foot in the house if she thinks there is a spider roaming about.

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Several years ago, we got a really great deal on our home, yeah, we knew it needed some TLC, but what we did not know was that it was infested with scorpions. It was not uncommon to see five or six every day. I had never lived anywhere that had scorpions and I actually told my husband that we were going to have to move because I couldn’t deal with it. I’m happy to say that we’re still in our home and scorpion free! Yes, it took working with the exterminator to get them under control. They are quite resilient.

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Summer is here and one thing we all love about the warm days is all the outdoor activities like pool parties, barbeques and picnics. One thing we all hate about summer is all the pests that go along with it. As the temperature rises, so does the population of unwanted insects. The pests not only annoy us outdoors, but also can make their way into our homes.

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