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You may think that termites can only enter a structure through wood at the ground level, but that is not true. Termites are able to cross many feet of brick, concrete, metal termite shields, and treated wood through mud tubes that they build. These mud tubes make it possible for them to reach the upper floors of a structure as well as lower levels. They can find their way into a concrete foundation through cracks and cracks in brick mortar. They will also use the holes in concrete blocks to travel through foundation walls.

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People know that termites can be invading their home or business for a while before there are any outward signs, yet many people do not have an annual termite inspection to ensure there are no termites causing damage.

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The majority of real estate purchase contracts are contingent upon a termite inspection. Many people are often surprised if the termite inspection comes back showing termite infestation. The U.S. Forest Service reports that subterranean termites (common to Arkansas and Oklahoma) are the most destructive insect pests of wood in the United States causing more than $2 billion in damage each year. That is more than the damage caused by fire and windstorms combined! As you can see from the map provided by the Forestry Service Arkansas and Oklahoma range from Region 1 Very Heavy to Region II Moderate to Heavy. Whether you are selling your home or not, there are signs, you can look for to avoid any surprises and stop further damage if you do have termites. Termite damage to wood is often unnoticeable on the surface.

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Termite Swarmers

Spring has sprung which means the termites will soon be swarming (basically, flying termites).  After the last freeze, usually when temperatures reach about 70 degrees, the young adult male and female swarmers emerge from their nests in large groups. These swarms and their shed wings left behind are often the only visible signs of these pests.

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